Customs Applications

AppMago creates custom applications on Facebook based on your requirements. Cookie Cutter applications have many limitations; design, creativity, user flow, etc are all inhibited. With custom applications built exactly as per your concept and requirements, we can be as creative as we like with designs, user flow, viral loops, engagement, etc. Games, business apps, cross platform apps (Facebook + iPhone + Android), entertainment applications and more can all be conceptualized with freedom from limitations with custom applications. This allows us to create well designed viral applications for you.

Timeline Applications

What does a timeline need? Aside from an eye catching cover picture and posts about your product or business, you NEED engaging and viral apps to keep your fans coming back to your page. A successful Fan Page keeps its fans engaged and opens doors to increasing Fans at substantial rate. We design and develop custom Contests, Sweepstakes, Games, Video Contest, Voting Apps, Utility, Viral Wave applications, etc to keep your Fan engaging with your page on a daily basis. All apps are made after careful planning and research of your target and existing Fan Base.

Contest, Sweepstakes, Games

Facebook viral apps are easy with AppMago. Contests, sweepstakes, games and giveaways all increase a page’s fan interaction and participation, and can turn even an ordinary page into an exciting corner of Facebook. Our team specializes in the conceptualization, design and development of viral contests, sweepstakes, games, giveaways, video contests, competitions, etc. Our strategy is simple; plan a campaign and build apps around it. Apps should have the viral engagement to attract fans and retain fans around your business. This takes perfect planning and implementation.

Have an app idea? We can help