Full and Landing Websites
One of the easiest ways to generate interest in an app, even if the app is just an idea, is to build a splash page.
Typical splash pages include a device image, some branding relevant to the app, very basic details about the app’s functionality and social media links. Creating a newsletter sign-up form at this stage also gives people the opportunity to stay updated about progress. Yes, newsletters still work!
The splash page will act as the headquarters for an app, until it’s actually built. Eventually, the splash page should grow to house the full website.
Our team has the right mix of concept geniuses and design guru's to develop the picture perfect Splash page for you which would not only attract users but would also be SEO optimized and fare well with the search engines.


There’s more to content writing than simply explaining what your app does. You need to do so in a way that is compelling to readers and optimized to get you great rankings in iTunes and web searches. We can put our expertise in SEO and app marketing to work to get your app to the top of searches for your market.
The source of finding and searching anything these days are search engines. Search engines have complex algorithms which keep changing over time to optimize this process. We use our expertise in search engine optimization to make sure that when users are searching to anything similar to your product or app, your app should show on the topmost rank on Google and other search engines.

Video teaser

It’s not necessary to be a professional videographer to develop a good video preview of an in-progress app. In fact, the simpler it is, the better.
Showcase the key features and include some upbeat background music or interesting narrative. Remember, what you want to highlight is the promise of the app. The final version does not need to be completed at this point.
AppMago has a complete studio and animations division which excels in providing you with a captivating video to attract users to your application. We also develop demo videos to showcase your product or explainer videos which can provide a detailed introduction about your company.

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