Most development teams plan and build an iPad application exactly like an iPhone or a mobile application. The screen size is just made bigger and none of the powerful features of the iPad are utilized. The team at AppMagoy plans an iPad application keeping in mind all the powerful features and capabilities that the iPad has to offer. We aim to bring a pure tablet based experience to the user while differentiating it from the standard mobile applications. Based on the screen size, 3 axis accelerometer, pop over interface, etc, we design apps which work and feel like they were made only for the iPad and not something ported from a mobile phone.


AppMagoy now designs applications on the iPad which focus on sectors like Education, Healthcare, Business, Engineering, Games and more. We have done in-depth research on various sectors and can help to develop customized iPad applications which can automate many processes in various sectors. Our team keeps both the industry and its users in mind before developing the application. The front and back camera, the retina display, the new Siri application, etc are all very powerful features which can be incorporated into an application to create apps for any industry or domain.

Market & Monetize

AppMago offers many packages to market and monetize iPad applications. We also build them cross platform so that they can work on Android Tablets and p hones. The iPad market is steadily growing and all applications planned for mobile phones should also have a space on the iPad as they are replacing the laptop for many users. As the technology grows and the device becomes more powerful, the iPad now has the capacity to undertake any task like the computer. Our team at AppMago makes sure that we leverage all features and build an app which can be marketed and monetized successfully.

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